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We have a wide range of farm and field jobs available for students throughout the summer.  The work suits anyone that is fit, friendly and prepared to get a tan! Whilst a lot of our students are looking to bolster their CV if they are studying some kind of agricultural or science course, many join us just to earn some money during the holidays or to finance further travels.  UK students and those from EU and Commonwealth countries are welcome. There are two types of work, either daily (i.e. meeting at a local base in Cambs, Northants, Essex, Norfolk, or Hampshire) or residential working (i.e. bring a tent and stay in an onsite campsite with the rest of your Van Stomp crew).  Good pay for all and more for drivers, team leaders and more skilled jobs.

What kind of work?  Flower picking, rogueing (removing wild oats and black grass from crops), helping to take seed samples, onion pulling, organic crop weeding, tractor driving, and much, much more.

Most students that join us for a week or so, quickly ask for more and return year after year.  It is hard physical work, normally 8 – 10 hours per day,  but a great break from studies and fun, friends and a good time are guaranteed!