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If you need an extra pair of hands now or if you know that you are likely to need a team of people at a future date – please let us know.

When we receive your enquiry we will give you a quick call to make sure we have the details we need to start matching the right people to your needs.  We will also give you an idea of costs and how quickly we will be able to help.

We look forward to hearing from you and to being of assistance.

The Van Stomp team 

A well – earned reputation

We have been supplying temporary labour for forty years now.  Our reputation really matters to us and it is important that our clients and are workers are happy and productive.  We are able to provide references from many clients and staff to encourage those that don’t know us to have the confidence to work with us.  Do feel free to contact us on any matter – an enquiry, a booking, an application to work with us or to feed back on jobs we have undertaken.  We like to keep in touch and the team at our HQ in Cambridge are always willing to help.